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Explore the Lake District

Known for its amazing natural beauty the lake district in the north of England is the perfect campervan holiday destination. With plenty on amazing places to park your camper for the night with stunning views to wake up to, there's nothing stopping you! whether you're a keen walker, cyclist or just want a relaxing UK getaway then this is the place for you. You can find routes to suit your and your fitness level.

One popular walk is the tallest mountain in England, Skafell Pike, if you fancy challenging yourself the walk offers great views all the way from the bottom to the top. With a clear path the walk is suitable for any willing to take on the challenge, but don't forget to prepare! Plenty of information can be found on the walk including the route and an average time estimate. The walk can take around 5-7 hours to complete depending on your pace and how many snack breaks you take. Bring plenty of water to keep you going. If you are planning on walking up Skafell Pike it best to set aside a day to complete it and start early so you're not rushed to complete it before dark. And if you finish nice and early you can relax for the rest of the day, eat your weight in food, have a nice drink and enjoy the views.

If you'd rather take it easy there are plenty of other options for you. Blea Tarn trail is a nice and easy 3k (1.8 mile) walk out and back. Surrounded by the beauty of the Lake district this route offers unforgettable views of surrounding hills, mountains and lakes. If you're brave enough to test the water, the lakes en route are free for you to take a dip. Aira Force and Gowbarrow Trail is another one to try out. The walk starts nice and easy but gets harder after passing the infamous Aira force waterfall. If you don't fancy a climb you can head to the waterfall and back but you'll miss out on some amazing views and a historic hunting lodge. The walk is 7.2k (4.5 miles) in total so despite the hill climb shouldn't take too long and isn't too difficult. Find more options for amazing walks in the Lake District with a quick google search or this link has some suggestions.

The hilly nature of the lake district makes it a great mountain biking destination. There are plenty of mountain biking routes to try with varying levels of difficulty. Muncaster Fell is an easy route, perfect for beginners and children, with just one path to follow you will struggle to get lost. Pedal through woodlands, along a stream and follow a railway track.

For the more experienced bikers Claife Heights offers a little challenge with stunning views. Starting and finishing at the largest lake in the district (Lake Windermere) the steep up hills and thrilling down hills this route is worth it. For more information on these routes and more mountain biking routes of varying difficulties head to

The lake district offers plenty of activities for anyone to do. The lakes are a great opportunity for (cold) swimming and can be just what you want after a long walk or cycle or even just a day in the sun (if you're lucky). Take boat trips or explore the local pubs. There are plenty of small towns and villages dotted around the district with cafes and pubs for you to enjoy after a day (or few hours) of exploring. Make sure you research the lake district before you go and decide what you want to do, and go prepared.

The best thing about exploring with a campervan is the freedom you have. You can pick and choose your ideal route based on what you want to do. You are also free to change your mind at short notice. Our vans come with solar panels so you don't need to stay at a campsite for your electricity. Find out the best place to park up for the night from google and using apps, a good app is park4night, but you can find others which you might prefer. Hire one of our vans for your next trip to the lake district!

Let us know about your last trip to the Lake District, what you got up to and the route you chose to do.

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